Brick Day 2018 Schedule

9 am Park Opens – Early birds can meet us at Space Mountain to grab a Fastpass for later in the day and take the monorail toward Downtown Disney (and hopefully sneak in a ride like Buzz Lightyear in between).
10 am LEGO Store Meetup – Let’s start the day at the Downtown Disney LEGO store! Group photo time!
11:00 am Trader Sam’s Meetup – We can’t resist a tasty tiki beverage and fried long beans at Trader Sam’s, so we’ll head over when they open for a snack!
1:30 pm Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Meetup – What’s a trip to Disneyland without a group photo in front of the iconic castle?
3 pm Main Street Train Station – Let’s ride the train and see the dinosaurs!
5:30 pm Plaza Inn Dinner Meetup – Plaza Inn has a little something for everyone, so unless the group is craving something else, let’s feast on fried chicken! (Or pot roast or pasta or whatever you like!)
7:45 pm Fantastmic – By popular request, we’ll figure out a good viewing spot and make our last planned event of the day a Fantasmic one! (Although that doesn’t mean the day is over – there will undoubtedly be snacks after the park closes at 9 pm.)

Depending on the size of the group, we can play most of the day by ear, but we plan to stick to this meetup schedule so people can find us if they show up later in the day. If you are planning to join us at any point (especially in between meetup times) just send a Facebook message to Bricks LA and we’ll update you on our whereabouts.

We will have custom commemorative badge bricks with us all day, so be sure to find Ayleen or John at any of these meetups and show them your AFOL brick badge to get your brick!

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